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Pop-Up Stands

Our Pop-Up Stands provide a quick and easy way to create stunning backdrops, exhibition stands and displays. They are lightweight, compact and practical, with cleverly designed systems that set up in minutes. Graphics are easily attached to a Pop-up frame and can be folded away into a portable carry case. Our range also allows for creative use of larger spaces, with linkable displays and large-scale graphics.



(h) x (w) x (d) mm

2225 x 1930 x 485 mm

2225 x 2540 x 685 mm

2225 x 3070 x 960 mm

2225 x 3430 x 1225 mm


2225 x 1240 x 306 mm

2225 x 1970 x 306 mm

2225 x 2700 x 306 mm

2225 x 3430 x 306 mm

2225 x 4160 x 306 mm



  • 3x1 to 3x5 straight or curved frame, single or  double-sided

  • Supplied with mag bars, hangers and kickers, and a roll of magnetic tape for single sided use

  • Kit also includes a Zeus Case and hinged thermoformed tabletop in beech plus two Powerspot 950 halogen lights

  • Self-locating ‘smart’ magnetic locking arms guide graphics into place on the frame

  • Carry case graphics optional extra

Various sizes

Curved or Straight

Impact Pop-up Bundle Kits
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